College Crest

The school crest is made up of a cross, a crown, an open Bible, and the praying hands.  The cross and the crown symbolize that before winning the crown there is a price to be paid.  The open Bible and the praying hands symbolize the emphasis of Bible reading and prayer as part of the curriculum.

Academic Programs

Degrees Offered

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, AA
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, BA
Master of Divinity, MDiv (In Planning Stage)

​Associate of Arts in Christian Education, AA

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education, BA
Master of Christian Education, MEd  (In Planning Stage)

Diplomas Offered

General Diploma in Biblical Studies
General Diploma in Christian Education

Certificates Offered

General Bible Certificate

Teaching Ministry Certificate

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Accreditation Information


Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)

Regional Bible College is a member of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), and currently holds "Applicant Status" for academic accreditation. 

Texas State Exemption

As a religious, non-profit school, Regional Bible College is exempt from State authorization and oversight.


Articulation Agreements

Regional Christian University holds Articulation Agreements 

with the following accredited Colleges or Universities:

Rio Grande Bible College, Texas

Shiloh University, Iowa

Lancaster Bible College, Pennsylvania

Kansas Christian College, Kansas

Steinbach Bible College, Canada


Christian Library Consortium

Regional Bible College's library is a member of the Christian Library Consortium.

Library Use Agreement

Regional Bible College has also entered into a Library Usage Agreement with Rio Grande Bible College here in Edinburg, Texas. The Agreement grants students and faculty of RBC access to the physical and virtual libraries of RGBC, all library resources such as equipment, conference rooms, and study areas, as per the normal usage guidelines and schedules of the library resources established for the students of RGBC.

Academic Credit Transfer

We welcome students who may wish to transfer credits from other schools. Please consult the catalog for information on transfer of credit.  

Additionally, there are students from unaccredited but recognized 2-year and 3-year Bible Institute programs who would now like to be able to continue their studies towards a ministerial or professional degree, or simply obtain additional preparation for future ministry. Through Regional Bible College, students may have the opportunity to earn additional credit towards their degree through a variety of options. Students should contact our admissions department for information regarding eligibility requirements for applying completed courses towards a Bachelors degree.

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